Scala Play Vs Nodo Js //
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Play for Scala developers. Main concepts. Working with Json. The Play JSON API provides implicit Writes for most basic types, such as Int, Double, String, and Boolean. It also supports Writes for collections of any type T that a Writes[T] exists. 22/04/2015 · Scala vs. Node.js as a RESTful backend server. By Samuel Mendenhall April 22, 2015. VS. I’ve been involved with full-stack development for a while now, especially stacks involving single page apps. When choosing to go with a single page webapp the backend concerns change. Here’s the showdown you’ve been waiting for: Node.js vs Play Framework. Both are popular open source web frameworks that are built for developer productivity, asynchronous I/O, and the real time web. But which one is easier to learn, test, deploy, debug, and scale? Should you pick Javascript or Scala? The Google v8 engine or the JVM? NPM or. When comparing TypeScript vs Scala.js, the Slant community recommends TypeScript for most people. In the question "What are the best languages that compile to JavaScript? " TypeScript is ranked 1st while Scala.js is ranked 12th. // Start writing your ScalaFiddle code here.

The Scala.js command line is where you go to do things to your Scala.js code. Although Scala.js comes with standalone executables that can be used from any shell sh, bash, zsh, etc. the primary supported way of setting up, compiling and testing your Scala.js applications is through SBT: Scala. Now I don't know about node.js based backends, but apparently Play can do 60K requests per second out of the box. but Scala.js on both the backend and frontend seems like a great combination. a title like "Scale vs. Node.js as a RESTful back end server" does strike me as an anachronism in 2016. Well, it depends on what your goals are. Ruby and Scala are their own stand-alone, general-use programming languages. Django is a development framework generally used for creating web apps. Django is developed in and uses Python, another stand-alo. You can use either java or scala to write an application with play framework. Let’s not talk about how play framework works in this article, it’s a topic for another article. Go through their site, it has all that you are looking for. Why Play Framework with Angular? Scala views are already available out of the box with play.

15/01/2020 · There’s no simple answer to the Scala vs. Java debate,.is an excellent resource for learning Scala and Play Framework. Learn more at. Robert Jackson. Scala.js and Scala Native allow compilation of idiomatic Scala out of the JVM and into JavaScript or into native code. Scastie can run any Scala program with any library in your browser. You don’t need to download or install anything.

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